What do tea and France have in common? More than one would think…

DSCN2911Origin of tea drinking in France.

Tea first arrived in Paris in 1636, a full 22 years before it arrived in England, and quickly became popular among the French nobility. Louis XIV, known as the Sun King, became a tea drinker in 1665. Tea became fashionable and was popularly known as a mental stimulant that ”cures all ills”. Tea was often complemented by hot milk, which was considered a “French touch”.

The popularity of tea among the upper classes in France caused it to be seen as a luxury good, a symbol of royalty, which went the way of the royal monarchy during the French Revolution in 1789. As in the American Revolution, tea drinking became unpatriotic and tea remained out of vogue for the next half century.

Today, tea has regained its popularity from yore and Paris alone boasts over 140 “Salons de Thé”.

So why all this about tea, France and French books?

One because this is my favorite drink and I can’t think of anything better than spending an hour with a good book and a cup of tea, and two, because we are now offering for purchase an exclusive French Earl Grey Tea.

Our French Earl Grey was exclusively hand blended by master tea blender Oliver Pluff & Co. It comes in a beautifully designed air-tight tin can which showcases the Versailles palace gardens on the front and a brief history of tea in France on the back.

Our French blend Tea is composed of 100% Orange Pekoe Black Tea loose leaves, rose petals, Bergamot Citrus oil, and rose flavoring.

This truly unique item is now available, right on time for the holidays and will delight lovers of French culture, art and  history and tea enthusiasts alike. Visit our unique gifts aisle to get more information and purchase your French Earl Grey Tea Tin.

Happy reading (and tasting…)!

French Earl Grey Tea Tin
French Earl Grey Tea Tin (front)
French Earl Grey Tea Tin
French Earl Grey Tea Tin (back)
Vous prendrez bien une tasse de the? Claude Keller
Vous prendrez bien une tasse de the? Claude Keller


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